About us


NFT AR Shop is a magical place on the OpenSea market where you can buy the most distinguished non-fungible tokens on the market. It is an ongoing various project where you will be able to find collectibles, art, 3D models, but also music and sports! This concept has become a reality out of the desire to create a united and special community where participants can enjoy multiple quality NFTs in various categories.


Currently we have 2 collections available: Smart Brains & Synesthesia.


Do you like to read? Do you think intelligence is a very important and essential quality? Then you will surely become a fan of Smart Brains!

Smart Brains is our first collection of characters, where you will find no less than 10.000 unique characters with different features, which you will enjoy and share with your friends.


Being a Smart Brain holder brings multiple advantages, benefits and even makes you eligible to get directly involved in our future projects!


Would you like to know how it feels to be trapped out of reality for a few moments? Do you want to experience new sensations? SYNESTHESIA is our new concept of senses, passion, love and art.


We aim to express ourselves through this, therefore we would like you to find yourself within our creations. The collection is limited and each NFT will be completely different. Long live the art!




Don't forget: there are a lot more projects to come!


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🧠 Smart Brains collection will drop on Opensea on 20 January 2022 at 19:00 GMT+2!🕖

💲Price: 0.01 ETH💲

❌NO gas fees❌

🎊 Be prepared to get your own Smart Brain NFT and be part of our community!💥